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PivotMatrix table problem #2810

Open Edp Ferrino opened this topic on on Aug 29 - 4 comments

Edp Ferrino commented on Aug 29

Hello, I regularly use a PivotMatrix to show data to my management. When I look at them from the PC I have no problems, when I look at them from the tablet it happens that I cannot update the parameters (aesthetically they look like buttons) that allow me to change the data aggregation. Is there anything I can do?

Sebastian Morales commented on Aug 31

Would you pls let us know which type of tablet and mobile browser you have a problem with manipulating PivotMatrix? Tks,

Edp Ferrino commented on Aug 31

Tablet model: Lenovo TB-X505F

Browser: Firefox

Thank you

Sebastian Morales commented on Sep 14

Thanks for your info. We can confirm PivotMatrix hasn't supported drag and drop on touching mobile browsers yet. We will add this to our roadmap for Pivot package. Tks,

Edp Ferrino commented on Sep 14

Thanks to you

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