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Dashboard - inline editing #2809

Open jernej opened this topic on on Aug 26 - 4 comments

jernej commented on Aug 26

Hey guys,

Is it possible to have a field with inline/live edit option? So that you can change value on that field without opening a detailed window/page? If it's not possible by default, how would you recommend us to implement it?

Thank you, Jernej

KoolReport commented on Aug 27

I will consult dev.team and get back to you.

jernej commented on Sep 7

Thank you. Any news regarding this?

KoolReport commented on Sep 13

Hi Jernej,

I am sorry for late reply to you. I have consult dev.team and they decided to make this feature available. Currently the feature has been implemented and will ship in next version around this week or early next week.

Hope that helps.

jernej commented 6 days ago

Great news! Thank you! When will the next version be released?

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