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Koolreport and bootstrap 5 #2808

Open Harald Lauer opened this topic on on Aug 23, 2022 - 15 comments

Harald Lauer commented on Aug 23, 2022

does koolreport also work with bootstrap 5 or are there limitations

KoolReport commented on Aug 24, 2022

Hi Harald,

KoolReport work with almost bootstrap 5, there are some widgets need to work on to better work with bootstrap 5. We will have the bootstrap 5 theme and also the full support for bootstrap 5 in very near future.

We will keep you update.

Harald Lauer commented on Aug 29, 2022

If the expression "in the very near future" can also be specified in a time frame - is that weeks or months. I have a display problem with the arrangement of the button in the drilldown chart and multiview chart.

Eugene commented on Oct 28, 2023

More than 1 year has passed. Is the Bootstrap 5 theme ready?

Eugene commented on Nov 1, 2023

Please follow your SLA:

"What is Priority Support?

You will receive guaranteed 24-hour response to any of your issues via forum and email. Our forum is our offcial support channel. When you own license, your forum post will be highlighted to receive priority support."

I asked my question 4 days ago!!!

Sebastian Morales commented on Nov 1, 2023

Sorry for the late reply. We intend to release an initial support for Bootstrap 5 for the next version of KoolReport Pro and Dashboard. If you need an earlier access pls send us an email to support@koolreport.com. We will send you a development version as soon as it's available.

Eugene commented on Nov 1, 2023

When are you planning to release them?

Sebastian Morales commented on Nov 1, 2023

A new official version often takes a few months, a development version a few weeks.

Eugene commented on Nov 1, 2023

And how many months have already passed since the start of development of the next version?

I find your answer a little strange, since a little over a year ago you said that everything was ready and only a little remained, and now again a few months...

KoolReport commented on Nov 2, 2023

We are really sorry for this late of bs5, the changing of view foundation will involve in every components, that huge amount of work to change the view and test compatibility. But it is not excuse for our late, we hope to have your understanding and patience, we promise to resolve this issue on fastest timeline.

Eugene commented on Nov 2, 2023

ok. I understand you cannot give us any estimations but I hope it will be soon

Eugene commented on Dec 1, 2023

hey? any news?

David Winterburn commented on Dec 1, 2023

Do you have a list of inputs/widgets which have issues with Bootstrap 5? We can put priority on upgrading those for you first.

Eugene commented on Dec 1, 2023

Thanks for the fast response. As for now I have some issue with datetime picker. I reported about it.

David Winterburn commented on Dec 1, 2023

We will implement a new DateTimePicker control that is compatible with Bootstrap 5 for the Inputs package and send you a working development version by the next Friday. Tks,

David Winterburn commented on Dec 8, 2023

We have had a development version of the Inputs package that has a new DateTimePicker control which might work with Bootstrap 5. Pls send an email to support@koolreport.com for a way to download the development version. Rgds,

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