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Installation Mac OSX Help #2778

Open Michael opened this topic on on Aug 2 - 15 comments

Michael commented on Aug 2

I am trying to install/setup kool reports on my MacBook m1 with xampp. I think I have everything installed correctly but when I load the website I see no results. my database name is tonuzi_getty and table name Getty. the two fields im selecting are subject and license_fee. the report should show me the total license_fee for each subject. I can run a query in GUI that works, but I cant seem to get it to work on a website. this is the query in GUI:

SELECT Subject, SUM(License_Fee) as Gross, COUNT(DISTINCT(Event_Combined)) as Total_Sale, SUM(License_Fee)/COUNT(DISTINCT(Event_Combined)) as Result FROM Getty GROUP BY Subject ORDER BY Gross DESC

screenshots are of my installed and code I replicated from your YouTube video. I dont see where the koolreport/widgets folder is installed.

KoolReport commented on Aug 2

If you open the folder "vendor", is there any subfolder like "koolreport". It suppose to look like this:

      |- autoload.php

If you don't see it, please use composer to install by command "composer update" from folder "get-started".

KoolReport commented on Aug 2

Also, please tell me if there is any error showing.

Michael commented on Aug 2

thanks, see attached, I did that and no change when I try to load the site.

KoolReport commented on Aug 2

Is there any error showing? Let try to put error_reporting(E_ALL); on top of index.php and let see if there is error showing.

KoolReport commented on Aug 2

Oh I see, you register "automaker" as the datasource but then you use "tonuzi_getty" instread.

Let do this:

Michael commented on Aug 2

I put the error_reporting(E_ALL); in the index.php, nothing shows up. the database name is tonuzi_getty thats why I changed automaker to tonuzi_getty. I tred putting automaker in the datasources and scr, still nothing. I also tried putting tonuzi_getty in both, nothing. did u see the file structure? do I need to add ../ to any of the statements where its looking for the KoolReport folder?

KoolReport commented 7 days ago

Could you please capture the screen of report in browser. Please capture whole screen including the url.

Michael commented 7 days ago


Sebastian Morales commented 6 days ago

Pls try to use these commands at the beginning of your index.php page:

ini_set('display_errors', '1');
ini_set('display_startup_errors', '1');

Another option is to open your php.ini file, find and set display_errors to "on":

display_errors = on

Then let us know if there's any error/warning/notice message. Tks,

Michael commented 5 days ago

its working! the error was a typo in the class name, SMH. now the only error I have is in the attached image. that shows up on top of the table.

Sebastian Morales commented 5 days ago

This error is because the report could not find its view file which should be in format {report_class_name}.view.php. For example, if you have a SalesReport class, it should in a SalesReport.php (not SaleReport.php) file and has a SalesReport.view.php (not SaleReport.view.php) file. Rgds,

Michael commented 5 days ago

hmmmm I thought that was the case but when I make the names match I get an error:

Parse error: Unmatched ')' in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/get-started/salesreport/SaleReport.view.php on line 11

BTW im going to upgrade to Pro

David Winterburn commented 5 days ago

Would you please post the content of SaleReport.view.php for us to check it for you? Thanks!

Michael commented 5 days ago

got it... stupid extra ) gonna start to mess with more stuff... im sure ill have more Q's. ty!

David Winterburn commented 5 days ago

Always welcome, Michael.

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