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Excel export not displaying correct data #2757

Open Aljaz Ketis opened this topic on on Jul 15 - 6 comments

Aljaz Ketis commented on Jul 15

Since we updated the export package to the newest edition our clients started reporting errors in the excels.

as seen in picture some of the rows in excel just display some random characters, and when i debug I can see that the row that is incorrectly displayed has all the needed informaion and no special characters or something like that. All rows are defined as strings

Sebastian Morales commented on Jul 15

Pls post your report setup, export code for us to check it for you. Does this happen when you export to CSV file or use other data/tables?

Aljaz Ketis commented on Jul 15

You can see belllow an example of what it stored inside dataStore and when trying to format it in excel it displays random characters

Aljaz Ketis commented on Jul 15

This is really frustrating, how can you release such unstable releases of you enterprise packages. We upgraded becouse you added pivotTables to bigspreadsheet excel export, but other reports don't work properly, if I revert to old excel it works fine again, but the bigspreadsheet with pivotTable throw exceptions. This is really sloppy by your developers.

Sebastian Morales commented on Jul 18

Pls email us your report setup, export code, and this sample data to support@koolreport.com or support@koolphp.net. We would try to replicate the issue and find a fix for your case. Tks,

Wojciech commented on Aug 1


My client is also affected with that bug and it looks really serious. See me gist of code to repreduce the issue:


From my investigation the wrong value saved in excel cell is created in


in line with:

$value = Util::map($cellMap, [$colKey, $value, $dataRow], $value);
Sebastian Morales commented on Aug 2

As replied to you via email, here's the solution:

Open the file "koolreport/excel/TableBuilder.php" and replace this line:

    $cellMap = Util::get($this->map, 'cell', []);

with this one:

    $cellMap = Util::get($this->map, 'cell'); 

We will release a new version of Excel package with this fix. Tks,

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