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ChartTable chart displays improperly after sorting table #2736

Open Brandon opened this topic on on Jun 22 - 3 comments

Brandon commented on Jun 22

When using ChartTable, if the table is sorted before generating a chart, the horizontal axis values no longer align with the correct vertical axis values. This error can be replicated in the ChartTable example on https://www.koolreport.com/examples/reports/charttable/charttable/ by sorting by dollar_sales and then generating a chart with label column: productName and data columns: dollar_sales

Am I missing something? Or is this as bug?


Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 23

You are correct. This is a bug with ChartTable. We will fix this soon for the next version of ChartTable. Tks a lot!

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 23

Hi Brandon, while waiting for the next version of ChartTable, you can try this fix yourself:

1 . Open the file koolreport/charttable/assets/js/charttable.js and replace this line:

                if (i === 0) labels.push(this.data[j][labelCol || "Series " + j]);

with this one:

                if (i === 0) labels.push(tableData[j][labelCol || "Series " + j]);

Let us know how it works for you. Tks,

Brandon commented on Jun 23

This fix works for me. Thank You

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