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Conditionally format of the prefix in charts #269

Open Victor Garcia opened this topic on on May 5, 2018 - 5 comments

Victor Garcia commented on May 5, 2018

Hello team

I am developing a government application, which records agricultural and livestock production information.

In one of the reports, I use a bar chart that shows production by time period: for example, number of hectares of cotton and number of heads of cattle.

The issue is, I wonder if it is possible to display the correct prefix (hectares for agricultural activities, heads for livestock activities), bearing in mind that both can be differentiated by a 'type' column in the query.

I hope you have been able to understand me, and thank you very much!

KoolReport commented on May 6, 2018

Hi Victor,

I have sent you a new koolreport\widgets\google\Chart.php to your email. Please replace the old file and do as following:

                return $value." ".$row["type"];

As you may guess, the "formatValue" receive function and in there you can format whatever you want. The function received $row in second parameter in which you can access to whole data row.

We have implemented "formatValue" in Table widget but have not done the same for Google Chart.

Victor Garcia commented on May 6, 2018

Works perfectly, thanks a lot

KoolReport commented on May 6, 2018

Thank you very much for your tips. Very appreciated!

James Schlies commented on Jun 17

I think I have a similar issue.

I have a situation where the individual cells contain a number, zero or 'NA'. If the cell is a number, we wish the format to be $99.99 but obviously when the value is NA - we do not want numeric formatting and we want the cell ignored regarding totaling. Can you point to an example?

Thanks, Jim

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 20

Hi James, can you pls give a specific example with mock up screenshots if possible. Tks,

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