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Datatables searching #2669

Open Raul opened this topic on on May 11 - 12 comments

Raul commented on May 11

When using the search function in datatables , i am not getting the expected response. Using the demo link and i start to type in "Sales" it does return the proper response. However when I type in "Sales Rep" I don't get anything back.

Keith Burke commented on May 11

Confirmed. I never noticed before but I have the same problem. Searching for more than one word breaks the search. Probably a buggy regex that doesn't like spaces.

Sebastian Morales commented on May 12

To search for an exact phrase with blank/tab inside you could use double quotes wrapping the phrase. Let us know if it works for your case. Tks,

Keith Burke commented on May 12

Yup, that works. Not intuitive for the end user but can work around it. Thanks.

Sebastian Morales commented on May 12

We use DataTables' default behavior where blank/tab acts as AND operator and add double quotes support for exact phrase searching.

Raul commented on May 12

When using datatables directly i see a different default behaviour. the search works without quotes. Is there a way to have this work without having users use double quotes? thank you.

Keith Burke commented on May 12

I believe KoolReport uses DataTables [https://datatables.net/] not CloudTables as per your link above.

Raul commented on May 12

this link may be a better example. search works without quotes.

Sebastian Morales commented on May 13

Hi Raul, the demo you provides does work without double quotes but the results are not exactly the same when using and not using quotes.

For example, with search term <e engineer> you get both Support Engineer and Software Engineer rows while with search term <"e engineer"> you only get Software Engineer rows.

In our DataTables widget case, you can search for <sales or rep> i.e having either "sales" or "rep" string, <sales rep> i.e having both "sales" and "rep" strings, or <"sales rep"> i.e having exactly "sales rep" string.

Raul commented on May 13

thank you for the reply. is it possible to use the default?

Sebastian Morales commented 7 days ago

At the moment our DataTables widget uses regular expression search instead of the default smart search of DataTables client. We will add an option for smart search in the next version of Datagrid package. Rgds,

Sebastian Morales commented 6 days ago

We've released KoolReport Pro 5.16.2 and Datagrid 7.6.0. You can now enable "smart" searchMode like this:

    "searchMode" => "smart",

Pls try it and let us know if it's what you have in mind. Rgds,

vensorelectricals commented 6 days ago


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