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Fatal error: Trait 'koolreport\export\Exportable' not found in #2665

Open Suma Gowda opened this topic on on May 10 - 4 comments

Suma Gowda commented on May 10

Hai Team, Am new to KoolReport. I'm trying to explore the sample code. Getting error message, when trying to run the code.

Fatal error: Trait 'koolreport\export\Exportable' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\koolreport_and_examples_5.6.1\examples\reports\excel\pivottable\MyReport.php on line 12

Please suggest me, what's need to do on above issue.

Sebastian Morales commented on May 11

Hi, export feature requires the Export package. Pls download either KoolReport Pro or Export package and extract it to koolreport directory or use composer to install it:


Suma Gowda commented on May 11

@Sebastian Morales Thanks for your input. As per your input will look on pro version. Is there anyway to test the pro version in trial?

Sebastian Morales commented on May 11

Hi Suma, we don't have a trial version for KoolReport Pro or individual packages but we do have a 30-days refund period. If you bought KoolReport Pro, Dashboard, or any package and found it not working for your case you could request a total refund within 30 days with explanation and we would honor your request. Rgds,

Suma Gowda commented on May 11

Thank you so much for valuable response. can we get small demo on KoolReport Pro, Dashboard, or other packages from your team?.

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