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CSS formating columns in a table, color, text aligne etc #2661

Open Francois DISSAIT opened this topic on on May 7 - 2 comments

Francois DISSAIT commented on May 7

Hello, I have a problem I can't solve. I a table, I want one of the columns in red color and right aligned. I cannot enter the two statements : color and text_align in the "cssStyle", only one works : or text is green, or text is right justfied, but not the two ... green AND right justified . Here is my view file :


"type"=>"number", "cssStyle"=>"color:green", "cssStyle"=>"text-align:right"

        "table"=>"table-bordered table-striped table-hover"
KoolReport commented on May 9

You try:


Let us know if it works.

Francois DISSAIT commented on May 13

OK, thanks a lot, it works FD

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