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Visual query builder #2545

Open DVBI opened this topic on on Jan 25, 2022 - 2 comments

DVBI commented on Jan 25, 2022

In Visual query builder, when we have more than a relationship columns between two tables... it is taking the last mentioned value in the relationship array... is that possible to get with the specific relation value instead of taking its last mentioned value in relationship array consider Users table and orders table if we have relation array like this

 "relations" => [
                    ["orders.user_id", "join", "users.id"],
                    ["orders.created_by", "join", "users.id"],
                    ["orders.updated_by", "join", "users.id"],

It is getting relation with updated_by but i want relation with user_id can you share the possible ways?

Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 26, 2022

We will investigate this feature and come back to you. Tks,

pranav dalal commented on Nov 21

Any update on above issue? We are currently facing above issue.

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