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How to find out which error was returned by the database #2533

Open Johan Maris opened this topic on on Jan 11 - 6 comments

Johan Maris commented on Jan 11

Hi, When something is wrong with a given query and the database returns an error, the framework just crashes saying "Error ; Call to a member function execute() on bool ....." like in het example in the screenshot. I just wonder if there is a way to find out which error was exactly returned by the database. When a query fails, the database normally returns an error message that tells exactly where in the query it went wrong, and it would really help a lot in debugging if this error could be displayed (eventually in a log )

KoolReport commented on Jan 11

May I see your code inside setup() function (including the sql)

Johan Maris commented on Jan 12

Hi, here is the code. I however was hoping that you could give me some ideas on how I could find out myself what's wrong with a query when the prepareAndBind fails to create the $stmt object. Is there maybe something like a validation function that I could call which can indicate where there is an error in the query ?

public function setup()

    // get input parameters
    $NbrDays = request()->get('NbrDays');
    $Agentid = request()->get('AgentId');
    // build detailled datatable
    $this->src('uhh')->query (
            'SELECT 	count(gtp_trip_id) as NbrTrips,
                            date(created_at)as CDate,
            FROM '.config('koolreport.uhhdata.database').'.trips 
            where 	date(created_at)> (date(now())-('.intval($NbrDays).'+1))
                            and agm_status = "done"
                            and agent_identifier like "'.$Agentid.'"
            group by agent_identifier,customer_code,corporation_id,gtp_trip_id,date(created_at),agm_status,source_system;'
            function($node)  // build detailled listing
            $node->pipe($this->dataStore('Details') );   
            function($node)  // build trip count list per day
            $node->pipe(new OnlyColumn(array("agent_identifier","NbrTrips","CDate","source_system")))
            ->pipe(new Group(array(
KoolReport commented on Jan 12

In your SQL, you use double quote for string which should be single quote.

select * from mytable where name="Johan"

should be changed to

select * from mytable where name='Johan'
Johan Maris commented on Jan 12

Hi, the mysql database I use supports both ' and " as string delimiter. I just found the error myself tough, there was nothing wrong with the query syntax, but there was a typo in the table name. So the issue itself is fixed, but my original question was not to fix the query, but I wanted to know if there is a way in koolreport to catch the error response that is returned by the database, because if I would have that option I would have seen a long time ago that the table didn't exist...

Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 13

Hi Johan, it's our fault to not catch the error message when preparing a statement from a sql query. If you want the exact sql error message pls open the file koolreport/core/src/datasources/MySQLDataSource.php and replace the following line:

        $stmt = $this->connection->prepare($query);

with these ones:

        $stmt = $this->connection->prepare($query);
        if($stmt === false)
          die ("Mysql Error: " . $this->connection->error);
Johan Maris commented on Jan 13

That's exactly what I need, thanks a lot !

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