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Is dashborard not included to the Koolreport license like before? #2507

Open Eugene opened this topic on on Dec 25, 2021 - 3 comments

Eugene commented on Dec 25, 2021

My Koolreport pro license were updated to the next period but no more access to the dashboard.

KoolReport commented on Dec 25, 2021

Hi Eugene, Dashboard Framework is not included in KoolReport Pro, it is an add-on to KoolReport Pro. Last year, we have given Dashboard Framework a free 1 year subscription of Dashboard Framework to all our beloved customers (worth $99 for Developer License). So this year your KoolReport Pro was renewed automatically but the Dashboard was not able to renew together. For you and all our old customers, the price for Dashboard Framework will not be $99 but only $49 (50% discount). Do you want us to send you email to guide you on the renewal of Dashboard.

Eugene commented on Jan 6

Ok, thanks... Just one question - a year ago I asked you about the solution for using the old-style reports in the dashboard That time I decided to use iframe... it works but anyway it looked like a temporary solution.

Do you have now any add-on or something like that to implement old reports to the dashboard?

KoolReport commented on Jan 10

Previously it is totally impossible to run KoolReport report inside Dashboard but now it is possible due to the route "kdr" is added to the url of dashboard.

Please tried to use the CustomBoard to wrap your old report. Simply create a custom board with a view. Inside the view, you create your old report and render it. Please make sure that:

  1. The view of old report does not have tag like < html > < head > or < body >
  2. Please remove the trait like "use koolreport/core/Bootstrap" in the report class.

Still, there will be expected problems:

  1. The Dashboard is single page which use AJAX to communicate with server and your old report use normal post back. It still work but you will not see the smooth ajax loading effect like normal dashboard.
  2. Unexpected javascript error may occur.
  3. Exporting is not possible.

Thank you very much.

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