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Missing html file in Dashboard Addon #2389

Closed Niall McGuirk opened this topic on on Oct 14 - 3 comments

Niall McGuirk commented on Oct 14

I'm installed the Dashboard addon, and got the example table to run. However, when I tried to run the example input code, I get an error saying there is no html file/folder:

I've looked in the directory and haven't got a html file or folder. Should there be one, or am I missing something? I have the latest update, to my knowledge.

Where can I get the html folder?

KoolReport commented on Oct 14

Please try to upgrade Dashboard Framework to the latest (2.0). The way to check version of Dashboard is to look at koolreport/dashboard/composer.json file.

Niall McGuirk commented on Oct 14

I've installed it manually without composer, as composer doesn't work on the server i'll be using. Should i just download the latest Dashboard version from the licenses section?

KoolReport commented on Oct 14

Yes, you should, download manually or install with composer is either way.

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