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Query on Dashboard and KoolReport Pro #2386

Open Chirag opened this topic on on Oct 13 - 5 comments

Chirag commented on Oct 13

Does KoolReport Pro Includes the Dashboard theme? If not Can I run KoolReport with Dashboard or I need to purchase KoolReport Pro for that?

Sebastian Morales commented on Oct 14

Hi, Dashboard is not a theme but a framework built upon KoolReport Pro with various visual themes itself. Thus, it needs KoolReport Pro to run with full functionalities. It's not bundled together with KoolReport Pro to avoid users who only need KoolReport must pay for Dashboard as well. Rgds,

Chirag commented on Oct 14

So, You mean to say I can use Dashboard with Only KoolReport Free version and paid version both.

Also, Is there any list of themes avaliable in Dashboard? Where I can see the UI of each and decied if it fits to my project or not.


KoolReport commented on Oct 14

Sorry for the confusion, let me clarify your questions:

  1. Dashboard Framework is used only with KoolReport Pro. It is because it built on top of KoolReport Pro and utilized functionalities of pro version. KoolReport free version is not enough to make it work. Dashboard Framework comes as an add-on to KoolReport Pro.
  2. Currently Dashboard Framework has one theme only which is Amazing theme (the theme that you see in our demo ) but we will add more theme in the future.

Please let me know if you have further question.

Thank you and looking forward to serving you as our customer.

Chirag commented on Oct 15

Thank you for the details. Last one question What if we get KoolReport Pro + Dashboard at total cost of $398, we will be able to use it for the lifetime with Perpetual License? or there is any other way to get it for the lifetime?

KoolReport commented on Oct 15

Yes, KoolReport Pro($199) + Dashboard ($99) + Perpertual Usage ($99) = $397 only. This is license for single individual license. The perpetual usage is for both KoolReport Pro and Dashboard, you can use forever.

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