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Exporting Google Charts on Dashboard #2384

Open Morgan Smith opened this topic on on Oct 12 - 3 comments

Morgan Smith commented on Oct 12

I am trying to get my google charts to show up on the PDF i am exporting using the Client::dashboard("")->exportToPDF(). The dashboard is exported, however the charts do not show up. Is there any suggestions or tips that I can get for this? Let me know what you will need to see to help as well!

KoolReport commented on Oct 14

May you post some of your code to illustrate. Do you use the LocalExport engine or Chromeheadlessio engine? Do you mean you get the pdf file exported, just that there is no chart on it.

Morgan Smith commented on Oct 14

I am using the Chromheadlessio engine. When the file exports, it will export tables but it will not export the Charts that were also on the dashboard. The code I am using is

 "Export Dashboard" =>MenuItem::create()
                                // Client::widget("Graph1")->exportToPDF()

And the export handler looks like this:

return ExportHandler::create()

This is what i want to export:

and this is what is actually being exported:

Morgan Smith commented 6 days ago

Just checking back in if you guys have gotten anywhere on this?

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