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Get label from DateRagePicker #2335

Open George opened this topic on on Sep 13 - 1 comments

George commented on Sep 13


How can I get the value of the label of the DateRangePicker using javascript/jquery? For example I have a date range picker with Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month. I want to be able to grab the value "Last Month", instead of the actual date.

Thank you.

KoolReport commented on Sep 13

It seems not possible to get as we did not expect that anyone needs this. However, there is trick. As you know that we can get the range values, the start date and end date. Also you can get the model range value from DateRangePicker::today() or DateRangePicker::lastMonth(). You compare the received value and those model values. you can know which was selected by user.

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