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Error with footer text when exporting Table to Excel #2333

Open Javier Córdova opened this topic on on Sep 10 - 1 comments

Javier Córdova commented on Sep 10

Hi everyone, I have a question, I am using the koolreport pro 5.7.1 package and I am trying to export a table with the footer, but I am having the problem that when exporting it shows the column title instead of the corresponding sum.


Please your kind help!

Sebastian Morales commented on Sep 13

We confirm this is a bug with Excel Table's footer and will fix it in the next release of Excel package or KoolReport Pro. Meanwhile you could apply a fix with either of these methods:

1 . Use a footer "map" for the Excel Table:

    "columns" => array(...),
    "map" => array(
        "footer" => function($colName, $footerValue) { return $footerValue; },

2 . Open the file koolreport/excel/TableBuilder.php and replace this line:

    $value = Util::map($map, $args, $label);

with this one:

    $value = Util::map($map, $args, empty($footerValue) ? $label : $footerValue);

Let us know if these works for you or not. Tks,

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