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Drilldown widget is not loaded with dashboard #2322

Open Sawan Ruparel opened this topic on on Sep 7 - 7 comments

Sawan Ruparel commented on Sep 7

Hi !!

I wanted to display the drill-down report on dashboard.

I had this error - "koolreport\dashboard\widgets\drilldown\DrillDown" not found

I checked in the vendor folder and observe drill-down widget is not loaded. Please refer below ss.

I need the above solution on an urgent basis. Hope you understand.

Thank You !!

KoolReport commented on Sep 7

Make sure that you use Dashboard 2.0, it seems to me that you are using old version.

Sawan Ruparel commented on Sep 7

i added in my composer.json - "koolreport/dashboard":"*",

I am assuming that it is taking latest version.

KoolReport commented on Sep 7

Could you please check the composer.json inside vendor\koolreport\dashboard folder. If it is not 2.0, please try to assign the "koolreport/dashboard":"2.0.0" and run composer update.

Sawan Ruparel commented on Sep 7

I can not update to version 2.0.0.

I am facing below errors.

Sawan Ruparel commented on Sep 7

I found this link - https://github.com/Adyen/adyen-php-api-library/issues/173

I am not sure about it.

KoolReport commented on Sep 7

In dashboard/composer.json we specify "monolog/monolog":"*" meaning any version of monolog that suits, same like suggestion from your link " Please use the latest version of the library where we don't require a specific version of the monolog anymore". I will forward your case to dev.team. Probably we will remove the monolog in next version and let devs to add monolog when need to use Logging feature of Dashboard.

Sawan Ruparel commented on Sep 7

Yes please notify me.

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