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Pivot css not loaded #2217

Open Epitello opened this topic on 6 days ago - 7 comments

Epitello commented 6 days ago

Hello team, i have a problem, when i load a pivot table and after a pivotMatrix in the same page the "koolreport_assets / myfolder / pivotMatrix.css" isn't loaded, do you have any idea? thank you in advance

Sebastian Morales commented 5 days ago

Does the file "koolreport_assets / myfolder / pivotMatrix.css" exist or is it a wrong path? Does it happen with report with only PivotMatrix, no PivotTable? Tks,

Epitello commented 5 days ago

myfolder = a number you automatically generated in symfony like: 1569825382 and no this only happens if i load a pivot table first, in case i load a pivot matrix first it work's just fine. Tks

Sebastian Morales commented 4 days ago

Pls try to delete the public/koolreport_assets directory and run your report again. Then let us know if pivotMatrix.css is loaded or not. If the file isn't what is the issue, it doesn't exist or the css link path is wrong? Tks,

Epitello commented 4 days ago

it doesn't exist. But can you tell me if the number folder are random or it's always the same number combination ?

Sebastian Morales commented 3 days ago

That random number directory in koolreport_assets is a hash number of a package in combination with its version. Would you pls print a screenshot of that directory and its asset files inside. Tks,

Epitello commented 3 days ago

Sebastian Morales commented 3 days ago

Would you pls open the browser dev tool, tab Network then load the pivot report. And find the path of PivotMatrix.css that doesn't exist. Tks,

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