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Need information and integration of koolreport #2133

Open Komuraiah A opened this topic on on Jun 8 - 3 comments

Komuraiah A commented on Jun 8

Dear Team,we need some information from you regarding the integration and implementation of koolreport of below requirement.

1.Can we use koolreport to develop C# page .net application .

2.Can we run or integrate the koolreport on IIS systems(windows).

3.Can we use ms-sql as a datasource for koolreport in order to fetch the data.

We do have developed many applications and softwares based on .net so we have trust and believe on koolreport that it simplify our work .please provide information for above query.

Abhishek commented on Jun 9

Dear Team, Could please provide me the information for the above concern please.

KoolReport commented on Jun 9

For your questions:

  1. KoolReport needs PHP to work, it will not run in .NET environment. You can build hybrid app, part that needs koolreport should be run on PHP.
  2. Yes, IIS + PHP can provide environment for koolreport
  3. No problem with MS SQL, KoolReport can connect to MSSQL to fetch data
Komuraiah A commented on Jun 11

Dear Team,could you please elaborate the 1st point of the above comment.

  1. How to use hybrid app to run the koolreport code in .NET environment

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