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CloudExport CI4: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found #2119

Open Eduardo Mioto opened this topic on on Jun 1 - 5 comments

Eduardo Mioto commented on Jun 1

Hi, I'm using koolreport_pro-5.0.4 and I'm having some problems, firstly explaining the structure of my project... I use Codeiniter 4, and koolreport_pro is installed in the folder "app/ThirdParty/koolreport"... I created my first report class with the following structure:

I inherit the default reporting class and implement the configuration methods (defaultParamValues, bindParamsToInputs, setup) after that due to authentication issues I instantiate this report class in my controller and with that I display the view to the user, but when I try to export for PDF the following error occurs:

The correct path for this file would be "https://grost.com.br/app/public/relatorios/", and in this path all files are generated correctly so I don't know what could be wrong for this to happen, could someone help me? Thanks!

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 2

It looks like you have an older version of the CloudExport package. Would it be possible for you to update to the latest version which is 3.0.0 and try this again?

Eduardo Mioto commented on Jun 5

I looked here I'm currently using version 3.0

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 7

Line 195 of file Exporter.php where he error exception happened on is not what I think should be in version 1.0 of chromeheadlessio/php-client. Would you mind delete CloudExport and install it again? Tks,

Eduardo Mioto commented on Jun 7

Hi, I downloaded the latest version, but I get the same error, and the files keep generating in the folder correctly.

Sebastian Morales commented on Jun 9

Eduardo, pls install composer and open a terminal/command line program at koolreport/cloudexport and run the following command:

composer update

Then try to run export again and let us know the result. Tks,

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