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Sort by date #2054

Open noa opened this topic on on May 4 - 7 comments

noa commented on May 4

Hey, I'm trying to use a Datagrid template, client_rowgroup I would love to know how to sort the date column sorted by date and not alphabetically

Sebastian Morales commented on May 5

What're values of your "month" column that you intended to sort by?

noa commented on May 5

Hi thanks for the quick reply. The values ​​I wanted to sort are strings of month and year as in the example above of February 2021 and April 2021 and I would like to know if there is a way to sort by date (if necessary I will change the format in the database to date and not string)

Sebastian Morales commented on May 5

Since the "month" column can't be sorted by its value, we need another column based on its value, which can be sorted. Pls try this code:

        "columns" => array(
            "standardMonth" => array(
            	"visible" => false, //no need to show this column
            	"formatValue" => function($row, $row, $colKey) {
            		$month = $row["month"];
            		$standardMonth = convertMonthYear($month); // use DateTime class to convert $month to standard date value, such as "2021-01-31", or just a simple year month "2021-01"
            		return $standardMonth;
        	"month" => array(
        		"data-order" => "standardMonth", //order this column by "standardMonth" column

Let us know if you have any further question. Rgds,

Gal Engineers commented on May 5

Thanks again, I'm getting an error message: Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $row from where he supposed to know all the params that the function gets?

Sebastian Morales commented on May 6

Oh, I made a mistake. Pls change this line:

    "formatValue" => function($row, $row, $colKey) {


    "formatValue" => function($value, $row, $colKey) {


noa commented on May 6

I apologize but now I'm getting a new error message: Thanks in advance for all the help !!

Sebastian Morales commented on May 6

I forgot to mention, this line is a mocked up code:

    $month = $row["month"];
    $standardMonth = convertMonthYear($month);

It meant you'd have to write your own code to convert from your month and/or year to a standard date format string like "2021-01-31", which we use to sort by. I don't know exactly your original month date value so I can't give specific guidance.

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