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Open part of the pivot table data in new tab within the same window #2050

Open Abhi opened this topic on on Apr 30 - 1 comments

Abhi commented on Apr 30


I am trying to build a report with PivotTable/PivotMatrix. I want every row to expand with their related data in several columns that does not have anything to do with sum or aggregate functions. Is it possible to display this data in a new tab within the same window like when the user clicks a row rather than expanding it, it opens up a new tab with the row data?


Sebastian Morales commented on May 4

I would say it's possible but fairly complicated using a lot of javascript on the client side to handle click event listener, extracting pivot row data, etc. Please inspect a pviot row and its data to see its data attributes. Once you click on a row header you could use its data index to get its data row.

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