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How can we insert internal links in pdf #2019

Open Lawrbit opened this topic on on Apr 8 - 2 comments

Lawrbit commented on Apr 8


I am trying to insert internal links in a PDF report as HTML but not working, Do you have any solution for internal linking in PDF.

Below is my code:

<a target="_parent" href="#section1">Go to section 1</a>
<div style="width:800px;" id="section1">
Sebastian Morales commented on Apr 9

Lawrbit, Export package could output PDFs with general url hyperlinks in them but I don't think it is able to print internal hyperlinks which upon clicking jump to other part of the PDF file itself.

We will check if the CloudExport package's other pdf engines could help in this case. Tks,

Lawrbit commented on Apr 9

Sure please check and update us on how we can implement this functionality with our export package

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