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VisualQuery's complex request #1842

Closed Epitello opened this topic on on Jan 12 - 2 comments

Epitello commented on Jan 12

Hello, i need to make a complex query with filter like this : "SELECT field1, field2, ... FROM table WHERE (field1 = value AND field2 > value) OR field3 < value. In other terms i want to put parentheses around a "wher" condition Actually i succeeded to do only simple request without parenthesis, do you have any solution for this ? Thanks by advance

David Winterburn commented on Jan 14

At the moment I'm afraid VisualQuery hasn't had the ability to form complex query yet with the WHERE conditions. We will keep this in mind when upgrading in the next versions of VisualQuery. Thanks for your feedback!

Epitello commented on Jan 14

ok, thanks for your awnser

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