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How to show data labels and dual axis to google ComboChart #1838

Closed ankit raj opened this topic on on Jan 11 - 3 comments

ankit raj commented on Jan 11

Hi , i am using google chart to display combo chart of column and line. How to show data label for each value of column and line and a y axis on the right side for the line chart as well? This is my code:


                "plugins" => [
                    "datalabels" => $this->dataLabelsOptions // e.g: [ "color" => "blue" ]

                "maintainAspectRatio"=> false,
Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 12
ankit raj commented on Jan 12

Thanks , i was unable to find this documentation directly from the koolreport docs left menu bar. Please make sure if its removed by mistake.

Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 12

Yes, I can neither remember these chart features among other thousand ones. I was actually googling "koolreport google chart dual y axis" and "koolreport google chart showing label" to tell you the truth. Cheers,

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