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Koolreport not being accessible for screen readers like Jaws? (for blind people) #1721

Open Serge Pelletier opened this topic on on Nov 19 - 3 comments

Serge Pelletier commented on Nov 19

Hello I am thrilled about KoolReport, I would really want to use the Pro license that I purchased.

But it appears that a simple datatable report is not accessible for blind users using screen readers. I could understand for complex graphics but not for a simple datatable!

I am really surprised because accessibility is governed by law in many countries nowadays... and could prevent the use of this fantastic tool.

Am I missing something (or my blind users) ?
My most skilled user with Jaws (really an expert) can not either use the drop down nor the pages selector. the rest of my test datatable is ok but no navigation is possible...

Sebastian Morales commented on Nov 20

Serge, would you please post screenshots of a report which couldn't be used with JAWS screen reader for us to investigate it? Regards,

Serge Pelletier commented on Nov 20

hello thank you for your reply. I went as deep as I could for now, the user reporting the issue is on vacation for a week. I checked with another blind user and what we found out is that : 1 - most like Stephen (the one reporting problems) was most likely using internet explorer and yes the drop down and the pagination does not work for jaws with IE 2 - using Chrome the other user could navigate more easly althoug I had to explain about the pagination and the dropdown showint the number of lines per page.

I will check on Stephen's return if we still have an issue or not and I will continue to develop my solution.

Thank you again for encouraging me to use KoolReport

Sebastian Morales commented 7 days ago

Serge, it's great to hear JAWS works partly with the reports on Chrome. Some of KoolReport's input controls are more complicated than normal html inputs, which might make them not totally compatible with JAWS. In case like that let us know. We could help you to use other input controls that are better to operate with JAWS. Cheers,

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