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Header Footer and landscape #1718

Closed Ron opened this topic on on Nov 18 - 3 comments

Ron commented on Nov 18

Hi Sebastian Two question please: 1. I want to force the header to be always at the bottom of the A4 page either its landscape or portrait? 2. How can I setup a form to be landscape? Ron

Sebastian Morales commented on Nov 19

Ron, isn't a header at the bottom called a footer? I'm not sure how to customize header/footer content with Chrome print. You could hide either header/footer with css page's margin though. As for landscape printing it's possible with css as well:

    @media print{
        @page {
            size: landscape;
            margin-top: 0 !important; /* to hide header */
        div.page { 
            padding-top: 50px; 

    <div class='page'>
        Hello world 1
    <div class='page-break'></div>
    <div class='page'>
        Hello world 2
Ron commented on Nov 19

Sorry Sebastian I meant Footer. I want the header to on top and footer to be on bottom when I use landscape or portrait

Sebastian Morales commented on Nov 19

When you print pdf by Chrome, click the "More settings" label to show multiple options including a checkbox for headers and footers.

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