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PDF export #1713

Open MawNaingTun opened this topic on on Nov 14 - 3 comments

MawNaingTun commented on Nov 14

When I export the report into PDF, nothing file found, no error display neither. pls help me to find pdf file where . i hosted at mochahost hosting , php v.7.4

KoolReport commented on Nov 16

Please check if your hosting is VPS. Make sure that you have execution permission for phantomjs file. More information about phantomjs, please check here:

Download PhantomJs

MawNaingTun commented on Nov 17

I unzip and located phantomjs file. but not working. no error saying. cannot find pdf file

David Winterburn commented on Nov 18


Please following these steps:

a. Ask your hosting to turn on PHP's display_errors, add the following command to the beginning of your export.php:


b. Post your export.php code.

c. Let us know where you unzip phantomjs file to and whether the file has executable permission. Assuming you could connect via ssh to your server, you could make it executable with this command:

    sudo chmod +x your/path/to/phantomjs

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