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How to slide down one row in koolreport? #1667

Open Kajori Banerjee opened this topic on on Oct 16 - 2 comments

Kajori Banerjee commented on Oct 16

I want to give one down arrow to the row, If I click on that it should slide down and show some details. Is it possible in koolreport?

David Winterburn commented on Oct 19

Hi Kajori,

Did you mean something similar to this example:


KoolReport commented on Oct 19

Hi Kajori,

Although there is no available feature that you describe but you can create one. An easier way is that when click to a row, you will show a modal with detail loaded data. You can use SubReport feature of KoolReport to load details data into modal. So the step will be:

  1. Add a bootstrap modal to view with sub report loaded inside body
  2. When user click to row (you may use client event or put a button on row of table to trigger), you will subReport.update() to fill bootstrap modal with content.
  3. Show the bootstrap modal.

Hope that help.

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