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How to Insert page break on table in export package. #1654

Open Mukesh opened this topic on on Oct 8 - 7 comments

Mukesh commented on Oct 8

Hello Team,

I need some help from you, I am using the export package and I want to insert page break inside the table or continue table with a border on next page.

Right now my result is:

KoolReport commented on Oct 9

This is a known issue with phantomjs, it simply does not support page break inside a table.

Mukesh commented on Oct 9

Oh, But any thing else we can do for this. Like that looking so odd.

KoolReport commented on Oct 9

We also want to but have not found solution for it yet. We will keep you update.

Mukesh commented on Oct 9

Ok, Can you tell me how can i access current page no. of PDF in PHP.

David Winterburn commented on Oct 12


You can only access page number in page header/footer which are sticky through pages. Please explain other cases where you want the page number displayed.

Regarding the main topic, if you want a nicer page break with table across pages you could try Cloud Export package which by default uses headless chrome to render pdf.

Mukesh commented on Oct 13

Ok, Page break I did manually with the help of PHP, Now i have another issue, I want to pass data from the controller to view in laravel how i can do. Below is my code:

)->toBrowser("report.pdf", true);
KoolReport commented on Oct 14

Hi, you can pass any value to from controller like this:

$report = new MyReport(array(

Now at the view MyReportView, you can receive pameters like following:

$userId = $this->params["userId"];
$year = $this->params["year"];

Hope that helps.

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