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ChartJS Pie Chart datalabel plugin blows up #1615

Open Mike Carroll opened this topic on on Sep 10 - 2 comments

Mike Carroll commented on Sep 10

I have the datalabels plugin working for bar/column charts now problem.

However, for Pie Charts it dies randomly; 1 out of 10 times it works. same dataset; same program just hitting refresh.

I keep getting this error when it fails:

Uncaught TypeError: e is null

XXXXXX /Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/chartjs-plugin-datalabels.min.js:7
fallback     XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/chartjs-plugin-datalabels.min.js:7
S     XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/chartjs-plugin-datalabels.min.js:7
draw XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/chartjs-plugin-datalabels.min.js:7
afterDatasetsDraw XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/chartjs-plugin-datalabels.min.js:7
notify XXXXXXMetrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
drawDatasets XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
draw XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
render XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
callback XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
advance XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
startDigest XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7
request XXXXXX/Metrics/koolreport_assets/1201526870/Chart.bundle.min.js:7


Mike Carroll commented on Sep 10

quick update; this is only happening in firefox; currently version 80

David Winterburn commented on Sep 11

Would you please let us know which version of Chartjs package or KoolReport Pro you have? Please also post your php code of your charts as well. Thanks!

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