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Having trouble with interference between two templates #1548

Closed Richb201 opened this topic on on Jul 31 - 4 comments

Richb201 commented on Jul 31

I have been using ci_synchronicity for a few years and it forms the black banner along with the menu choices in the images below. Works great and is used extensively in my system. I am now trying to use Amazing Template on one of the pages with my black banner already existing. I am getting this:

Notes that the Amazing layout is slightly unaligned now. Here is the code that causes this: ``

 public function report_generator_amazing()
  //    $this->output->set_template('default2');

    $report= new MyDashboard;
How can I get Amazing to work on a page with my regular template? Is it possible to debug a template?
Keith Burke commented on Jul 31

Does ci_synchronicity use Bootstrap? I believe Amazing is based off Bootstrap 4. if ci_syn uses Bootstrap3, that might be the reason for the incompatability.

Richb201 commented on Jul 31

Thanks Keith. Possibly the answer is to mimic the black banner/logo on the Amazing page and add an "enter application" button. Is there any functionality in Amazing to create a "fake" black banner with my logo?

Richb201 commented on Aug 2


KoolReport commented on Aug 3

That's great. Actually the amazing theme is versatile theme which can be used to create the interface like our online example demonstration. The cards inside Amazing theme is the features of Amazing theme only. Using the mixing theme is possible but it would be a little complicated to track where css might be overwritten.

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