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Custom size page not working on Export #1542

Open AugustoViti opened this topic on on Jul 28 - 2 comments

AugustoViti commented on Jul 28


I have this code

          ->toBrowser("xxxxx", true);

But it keeps showing on A4. How can I create a "custom" size page?

Thanks in advance

KoolReport commented on Jul 28

We confirm the issue, let me consult dev.team for solution. I will update you.

David Winterburn commented on Jul 29


We will fix this issue in the next release of KoolReport. Meanwhile, you could apply this patch to fix it. Please open the file koolreport/export/Handler.php and replace this line:

            Util::init($params, 'format', 'A4'); 

with these:

            if (! isset($params['width']) || ! isset($params['height'])) {
                Util::init($params, 'format', 'A4');


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