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Repeating table headers #1506

Open Satish Dongol opened this topic on on Jun 25 - 1 comments

Satish Dongol commented on Jun 25

Currently, since koolreport uses phantomjs to export its PDF, the table headers are not repeated through out the pages.

I saw it mentioned that use of phantomjs will be replaced in the below post. Has there been any update regarding this? https://www.koolreport.com/forum/topics/501

I am currently using the export package and I am having the issue where the tables are being cutoff at the bottom of the pdf, and also the headers does not repeat in all pages.

Is there any work around for this?

David Winterburn commented on Jun 26


It's unfortunate we can't find a way to repeat table header across page break with the Export package. The library we use to render to pdf is PhantomJS is no longer in active development so this issue of PhantomJS is unlikely to be solved.

If you want you could try our CloudExport package, which uses headless chromium and WkHtmlToPdf underhood and supports repeating table header by default:


Let us know if you have any question. Thanks!

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