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Use of images #1504

Open Richb201 opened this topic on on Jun 25 - 3 comments

Richb201 commented on Jun 25

My main reason for buying KoolReport Pro was to be able to upload, view, and download images. Is there any facility to upload, display in a crud, and delete images. These images must be able to be resized. Is there functionality to do that?

KoolReport commented on Jun 25

The main functionality of KoolReport is to make data report: pulling data, processing, and visualizing in chart and graph. It does not deal with image processing like upload, zooming, cutting. Maybe this GD library will help.

Richb201 commented on Jun 25

Well, at this point I can't even get a simple sample working.

KoolReport commented on Jun 29

May I know what sample you could not get it working.

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