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Is there a manual? When I click on Documentation above, I just get... #1503

Open Richb201 opened this topic on on Jun 25 - 3 comments

Richb201 commented on Jun 25

a link to change logs. Is that all the documentation that there is?

KoolReport commented on Jun 25

The change log is only the first page. You will see list of documentations on the menu on the left. It is better if you view on desktop view, the menu will open automatically. If you view like in tablet or mobile device, the menu is hidden and only be open with the icon on top left of the page.

Richb201 commented on Jun 25

Thanks. Is there a pdf version of the manual so I can read it offline?

Also, I have been looking at the add in for Plate. I'd like to see what Plate looks like in use. Do you know of any site that was written with KoolReports and Plate?

KoolReport commented on Jun 25

We are really sorry that we do not have the pdf manual.

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