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Use excel file as template #1483

Open Régis Ramillien opened this topic on on Jun 10, 2020 - 3 comments

Régis Ramillien commented on Jun 10, 2020

Dear koolreport community,

I need to create html and excel reports. I followed the documentation and everything is working fine to generate html and excel files.

Now, the next step is to load a pre-filled excel file and update only its data. To be more precise, I need to load an excel file with some graphics on some sheets, and update only a specific sheet which contains the data. Can koolreport can update a excel file or do I need another lib to read/write a specific sheet ?

Thanks for your help !

David Winterburn commented on Jun 10, 2020

Hi Régis,

At the moment KoolReport hasn't had the ability to export to excel using another excel file as a template. However, this is a great idea and we will consider support it in future releases of the Excel package.

If you have any specific suggestion for this feature please let us know. Thanks!

Afluens commented on Jan 14

Hi, Has this feature been implemented in KoolReport Pro ? Thanks,

Sebastian Morales commented on Jan 17

It's not available yet. The main issue is not implementation but how to define multiple types of excel widgets (table, pivottable, chart, etc) clearly using an excel file. Each widget can have a lot of settings. If you have any idea how to design this pls share with us. Tks,

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