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Table Row Group Calculate Average #1296

Closed Leon Katzke opened this topic on on Feb 12 - 2 comments

Leon Katzke commented on Feb 12


Please assist, calculate "avg" do not return any value but no problem with "sum", "max" and "min".


                    "top"=>"<b>Category {Category}</b>",
                    "bottom"=>"<td><b>TOTAL / AVERAGE </b></td><td><td><td><b>{sumEvaluations}</b><td><b>{avgEvaluations}</b></td><td></td>",
KoolReport commented on Feb 12

Hot fix: please go to line 238 of koolreport\widgets\koolphp\Table.php, you will see:

if (in_array($method, array("sum", "count", "min", "max", "mode"))) {

Make it become:

if (in_array($method, array("sum", "count", "min", "max", "mode","avg"))) {

We have found the issue and fixed it but have not released yet.

Another way (without touching our code) you can do:

    return $store->avg("Pct_Mark");

Hope that helps.

Leon Katzke commented on Feb 12

Sorted thank you

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