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DateRangePicker maxSpan #1290

Closed Serafim Gomes opened this topic on on Feb 7 - 2 comments

Serafim Gomes commented on Feb 7

I’m trying to limit the range to 30 days between start and finish, but doesn’t seem to work. use \koolreport\inputs\DateRangePicker; DateRangePicker::create

KoolReport commented on Feb 10

I have forwarded your case to dev.team to investigate.

KoolReport commented on Feb 10

I seem problem is the daterangepicker library has not been upgraded yet so we will do so in the next version. For now, you can directly go to the DateRangePicker, download the zip file and then copy two files daterangepicker.js and daterangepicker.css and replace those files in koolreport\inputs\bowser_components\daterangepicker folder.

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