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Select input name as javascript function #1278

Closed iRiyada opened this topic on on Jan 30 - 4 comments

iRiyada commented on Jan 30

Hi, I want to know how to assign javascript function to select input name.

I tried this way. It does'nt work. please help. It says echo function not allowed.

    "name"=>  echo '<script type="text/javascript">
                                 </script>'; __

        "class"=>"col-md-4 form-control"

KoolReport commented on Jan 30

May I know why do you need to assign a javascript to the name of select box.

iRiyada commented on Feb 12

sorry.That was a mistake . What I meant was name of column..It is like this. The name of the column is set by calling a function, depending on If the page is arabic/english

"columns" => array(
            "project_code" => array(
                "label" => get_text('textbit'),

issue: 1) can I use php function call in the place of label

KoolReport commented on Feb 12

Yes, you can do so.

iRiyada commented on Feb 12

thank you:)

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