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{ASK} Pivot Table with calculatedcolumn #1200

Open entahsiapa opened this topic on on Dec 3 - 1 comments

entahsiapa commented on Dec 3

how to insert column with calculated

//Step 1: Load KoolReport
require_once "../../../load.koolreport.php";
use \koolreport\pivot\processes\Pivot;
use \koolreport\pivot\processes\PivotExtract;
use \koolreport\processes\ColumnMeta;
use \koolreport\processes\Filter;
use \koolreport\processes\calculatedcolumn;

//Step 2: Creating Report class
class MyReport extends \koolreport\KoolReport
    function settings()
        $config = include "../../../config.php";
        return array(
            "dataSources" => array(

    public function setup()
        ->query("select * from kegiatan")
        ->pipe(new pivot(array(
            "dimensions" => array(
                "column" => "kdbeban", 
                "row" => "kdgiat, kdoutput, kdkmpnen, kdskmpnen, kdakun",
            "aggregates" => array(
                "sum" => "pagu, realisasi", 

David Winterburn commented on Dec 3

Hi there,

To add a custom column like that to Pivot please try this code:

	use \koolreport\pivot\processes\Pivot2D;

	$delimiter = " || ";
	->pipe(new Pivot2D(array(
		"dimensions" => array(
			"column" => "kdbeban", 
			"row" => "kdgiat, kdoutput, kdkmpnen, kdskmpnen, kdakun",
		"aggregates" => array(
			"sum" => "pagu, realisasi", 
		"fieldDelimiter" => $delimiter,
	->pipe(new Map([
		'{value}' => function ($row) use ($delimiter) {
			$row["{{all}}" . $delimiter . "sum difference"] = $row["{{all}}" . $delimiter . "pagu - sum"] - $row["{{all}}" . $delimiter . "realisasi - sum"]
			return $row;

Let me know if this works for you. Thanks!

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