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Data Store loses content when used for multiple charts #1196

Closed Brindicis opened this topic on on Dec 2, 2019 - 2 comments

Brindicis commented on Dec 2, 2019


As explained in the title, i'm having a problem with data stores that are being used for more than one view element. When i check the datastore content for the first element it has data, but if i check for the second element, the same data store is appearing as empty. Could it be a PHP version problem or is it something else?

Notes: 1. My platform is Laravel based and the same code is working on a local environment. 2. The images below show the code that i have in the view, the first var_dump that shows the data used for the table ans the last image is the view's result.

Thanks in advance.

KoolReport commented on Dec 4, 2019

Instead of using the PieChart, let try to use another Table there, do you receive 2 same tables appear.

Brindicis commented on Dec 4, 2019

Well, if i use a table instead, it works, so i guess that wasn't the problem. I've been trying a few things and i just found the fiz for this problem. Thank you anyway.

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