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Show page count in a Table when printing #1190

Closed Peter Harari opened this topic on on Nov 28 - 3 comments

Peter Harari commented on Nov 28

Hi there.

I have a report page in which I display a Table and then call window.print() for native browser printing of the HTML content. I do the same for PDF, but in that case the export package has a great feature for displaying page count/total(as described here).

The question is: Is Table able to do that in pure HTML? Like a feature of the Widget or something?

I know that you can't do that in pure HTML, CSS or JavaScript at all, so you depends on the native page display that browser generates on the footer alongside with the page url.

Thank you in advance.

KoolReport commented on Nov 28

Well, at anywhere you can print the count of your data with:

echo $this->dataStore("store-name")->count();
KoolReport commented on Nov 28

Oh, I just found that I misunderstand your question, you are asking about the paging for table when print. It is difficult actually since we can not know how the table is paginated by the browser engine.

Peter Harari commented on Dec 2


I see. That is ok then.

Thank you.

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