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Problem when updating KoolReport #1140

Closed SOFMAN opened this topic on on Oct 31, 2019 - 14 comments

SOFMAN commented on Oct 31, 2019

I have updated koolreport to version v.4.3.2 but when exporting a pdf file, all styles are lost and the exported DataTable goes out of style. At the moment I had to go back to the previous version because I didn't find a greeting

So it was before


KoolReport commented on Nov 3, 2019

Do you experience the same when view our downloaded examples?

SOFMAN commented on Nov 4, 2019

If it shows the same, this happens in the Centos operating system. A stable version is needed.

KoolReport commented on Nov 4, 2019

Is that possible that you upload the example somewhere in your server and send the link over to us. You may post here or privately to our email support@koolreport.com. We dont need all examples, few are fine, I will send to our dev.team to investigate.

SOFMAN commented on Feb 7

I have updated again to version 4.5.1 but I have the same problem. Now I have installed your examples and verify the inconvenience. I need a solution to this. Thank you. I have the following versions: SO Centos 7, php 7.1.32, nginx / 1.12.2, phantomjs 2.1.1 The URL you can check is

SOFMAN commented on Feb 9

I need an answer please.

KoolReport commented on Feb 10

May I know the location you put "koolreport" folder, is it in the same folder with examples

SOFMAN commented on Feb 10

Koolreport is in Laravel Inside the vendor/ Folder and Examples are inside the public/ Folder. The problem occurs in the latest versions of koolreport, in previous versions there is no problem.

SOFMAN commented on Feb 10

Now I put it in the same folder at the level of the examples and the problem persists.


KoolReport commented on Feb 10

That's strange. A quick solution is that, you get the old export package from the previous version (which works) and then you copy into the koolreport folder. Before copying, you can change the \koolreport\export to koolreport\export_backup and then copy the old one into koolreport/export Let see if it works.

SOFMAN commented on Feb 10

There if it works but it is uncomfortable to do so, the feasible thing would be to correct the inconvenience.

David Winterburn commented on Feb 11


With the 3.x version of KoolReport where did you put it in your Laravel? Is it in the vendor folder like the 4.x version as well? Thanks!

David Winterburn commented on Feb 11


There might be a bug in our 4.x Export package if your server uses a different port than 80. Please try to fix it like this (we will apply this fix in the next version of Export as well):

Open the file KoolReport/export/Handler.php and replace all this string:


with an empty string "". Then try export again and see if your pdf retains CSS style or charts allright. Thanks!

SOFMAN commented on Feb 11

There it works very well. Thank you!

KoolReport commented on Feb 11

Great! Thank you very much for your patient.

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