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Use of the custom Pivot control #1137

Open Daniel Amamoo-Otchere opened this topic on on Oct 25 - 1 comments

Daniel Amamoo-Otchere commented on Oct 25

Hello Team, Please how do I set the {initvalue} to a variable called grade which is part of the datastore so I can concatenate it with the {appValue} ? so as to show both the final

 $node_orig->pipe(new Pivot(array(
                "row"=>"class_system,name_string ",
			"customAggregates" => [
                "myAgg" => [
                    "{initValue}" => "",
                    "{aggValue}" => function($aggValue, $value) {
                        $newAggValue = $aggValue.$value;
                        return $newAggValue;
David Winterburn commented on Oct 28

Hi Daniel,

To get data from a datastore in a report's setup instead of its view, please try the method requestDataSending like this:


$myDataStoreData = $this->dataStore('myDataStore')->data();

After this you could use $myDataStoreData for Pivot process' init value. Let me know if this helps you to solve your problem. Thanks!

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