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Export to excel simply does not work at all, no data #1081

Closed Sergio de Sousa opened this topic on 4 days ago - 3 comments

Sergio de Sousa commented 4 days ago

I get absolutely no data when exporting the simplest table:


My setup() is like this:

public function setup() {

    	$query0 = "select * from ".$this->db_prefix."_POSTALS";

        ->query("select * from ".$this->db_prefix."_POSTALS")


The db_prefix is set in constructor, like this:

    function __construct($init_prefix) {

        $this->db_prefix = $init_prefix;


Can you please help? Thank you

Sergio de Sousa commented 4 days ago

I am new with KoolReport, how can I get support, what's the right way to contact for support? Thank you.

KoolReport commented 3 days ago

Hi Sergio,

Could you please show me the export to excel part?

Also, don't overwrite the __constructor() method.

You can do:

$report = new MyReport([

and then in the setup() function you can do:

$query0 = "select * from ".$this->params["db_prefix"]."_POSTALS";
Sergio de Sousa commented 2 days ago

Excellent, problem solved. Thank you!

I also have another question but I'll post it separately. Thank you again.

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