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Bug in Table->removeDuplicate() #1077

Open Stefan Dietl opened this topic on on Sep 5 - 3 comments

Stefan Dietl commented on Sep 5

If I have a report with 3 groups. For the second group i applicate "removeDuplicate". If the last Value of group 2 is the same as the first value of group 2 of next parent group, rowspan-calculation will be wrong, by calculating rows of both subgoups.

This is ok, without removeDuplicate

Wrong, with removeDuplicate

This view gets even uglier when I display group totals etc.

KoolReport commented on Sep 5

I have escalated the case to dev.team to investigate the issue. Thank you very much for letting us know. We will keep you update on this issue.

Stefan Dietl commented on Sep 5

Thank You very much!

KoolReport commented on Sep 7

A good news from our dev.team that this issue has been fixed and will be available in next release.

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