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Raw methods ignore bindings / placeholders #1075

Open APP opened this topic on on Sep 4 - 1 comments

APP commented on Sep 4


We found another issue in the query builder. Regarding to this example from the documentation you can provide an array with values as a second argument. Those values then should replace the question marks.

DB::table('orders')->whereRaw('price > IF(state = "TX", ?, 100)', [200])

But the array with values is ignored. SELECT * FROM `orders` WHERE price > IF(state = "TX", ?, 100)

Instead of SELECT * FROM `orders` WHERE price > IF(state = "TX", 200, 100)

It seams that the params argument is totally ignored in the whereRaw method. No need to rush on this one, we can work around it for the time being.

KoolReport commented on Sep 5

Thank you for letting us know. The issue has been fixed and will be available in official release of QueryBuilder package.

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